About Us

PLCC is a manufacturing company that specializes in creating revolutionary products in the hair, skin care, general cleaning industries. Our private labeling and contract manufacturing program can apply our experience and expertise to manufacturing, designing, marketing and distributing for top brands nationwide. PLCC and its Product Development team can create formulas that meet your unique needs or you can select from our best-selling products and put your label on them. We offer a variety of package and label designs for you to choose from. Once all are determined, we can assemble your final product and deliver a great completed result. PLCC provides services in a 6,000m2 facility, including its logistics center and production area.

Having developed cutting-edge technologies and world-class R&D, PLCC provides excellent customer services accommodating various

customer needs in formulation, design, packaging, manufacturing, and delivery. PLCC fully considers consumer trends, product marketability, formulation concepts, and product planning. This enables PLCC to enrich the product development process and provide knowledge and expertise on best practices, timing and delivery.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts will offer you the most reliable, viable and comprehensive solution to not only help you create the brand you desire, but to easily exceed all of your greatest expectations.

If you should have any questions or concerns, or would like to get started creating your own branded products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.